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Mainline – Pastel Barrel Wafters 12/15mm


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Mainline Pastel Wafter Barrels, The NEW Mainline range of Pastel Barrel Wafters epitomize the combination of subtlety and performance to deliver a hookbait capable of providing a superior fishing presentation without complication. Simply thread the hookbait onto your chosen Hair rig and allow the weight of your hook to set the slow sinking Wafter into a critically-balanced position The Washed Out appearance of the Pastel Barrel Wafters is the first noticeable characteristic within this hookbait range – perfect for targeting wary or the pressured carp commonly found in todays fisheries. Yet this light colour tone does not reflect the high attract nature of the hookbait containing high quality liquid flavours, enhancers and sweeteners used at optimum levels. Couple these visual and flavour stimulants with the barrel-like shape and poised, critical-balance of the wafter and you have an advanced hookbait that fish find difficult to resist or reject!

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Cranberry Orange, Fruity Squid, Peppered Peach


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