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Drennan E-Soz Jeli-ignite 12cm shads


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Drennan Jell-Ignite Soft Shads. 3 PER PACK. Each pack has 3 different colours inside.
These shads have a really flexible tail section which provides almost contact movement and is highly attractive to predators.
Different colours of lure work on different waters at different times, so it’s worth experimenting.
Opaque patterns catch lots of Pike and Perch and the translucent bodies have the weight covered in film to provide a light reflection holographic effect. The position of this weight aids casting ad keeps the lure fishing the right way up.
In turn, this means the single hook is in the best position for both hooking fish and avoiding week and debris on the bottom. This attitude even allows soft lures to be bumped along the bottom in an enticing series of movement.


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