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CCMoore – PVA Bag Mixes


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Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush is a highly attractive PVA Bag mix designed for fishing in conjunction with other sweet, creamy and nutty products and can be moistened and boosted by the addition of liquid foods of a similar profile such as Roasted Nut Compound or Amino Blend 365. It is a very effective year-round loose feed which complements our Live System products.

This is a superb blend of micro and mini betaine, krill, trout and halibut pellets that really gets fish grubbing around for more. It is ideal for use in solid bags and contains pellets from 2mm-4mm size meaning there is a constant stream of attractors entering the water as the pellets break down at different speeds. It can also be boosted with our outstanding Feedstim XP liquid and a dusting of Betaine or Belachan Powder.

Designed by anglers and regarded by many top anglers as the ‘perfect PVA bag mix’, Oily Bag Mix is a purpose made PVA bag mix packed with fish meals and oils, fish protein and high-quality krill meal. Together, these highly effective bait components combine to release appetite stimulating attractors to all layers of your swim, creating a confident feeding response from passing fish. An excellent year-round mix.

Salmon Micro Feed is fine, high oil, fish protein crumb designed for feeding to fry. It is rich in nutrients and made to be highly attractive in order to stimulate the feed intake of young fish and make them grow more quickly. In water it creates a highly attractive cloud of salty, fishy particles and is extremely effective in paste mixes and PVA bag or stick mixes. It can also be boosted with fish oils or soluble liquids such as Feedstim XP.

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Milk n Nut Crush, Mini Ultramix, Oily Bag Mix, Salmon Micro Feed


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