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Drennan Hooklength Plate 6″ – Power Pushtops


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The Barbless Power Hair Rigger hooks used on these Power Pushstop hook lengths have an acute upturned eye this sits the hook dead straight on the hook link providing improved presentation and hooking ratios. The length of the hair on these rigs is matched to the hook size. When used with a Pushstop Pusher, they are one of the quickest and most efficient ways of baiting up.


New concept, ultimately convenient 6” (15cm), 8 individual pole hooks to nylon.  This rigid plate storage and display system keeps loops and hooklengths straight in-line, without kinks or damage to the monofilament.

• With this rigid plate storage and display system, everything is kept in-line, straight and under very slight tension.  So each individual hook to nylon comes off the plate ready to complete a perfect presentation rig.

• The loop on each rig is perfectly formed, whipping knots are precision hand tied and overall length is also precise.  Hook points are masked and protected by the plate design and whipping knots are displayed in-line for examination at a glance.

• The unique plate system ensures an accuracy on length that allows transfer of rigs to a Hook Box.  Alternatively a Hook Book is available which accommodates up to to 30 complete plates in individual compartments.

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