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Drennan Wide Gape Pellet – Barbless to Nylon


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Barbless Wide Gape Pellet Hooks to Nylon are perfect for commercial fisheries when using soft pellet.


This hook is wide in the gape and long in the point to improve the hooking properties and is forged for extra strength.

The Range:

  • Size 10 to 6lb (0.18)
  • Size 12 to 5lb (0.16)
  • Size 14 to 4lb (0.15)
  • Size 16 to 3lb 8oz (0.14)
  • Size 18 to 3lb 8oz (0.14)


  • Bronze
  • Wide crystal bend
  • Medium shank
  • Forged
  • Chemically etched long needle point
  • Tied to extra strong low diameter mono
  • 20cm long hooklengths
  • 8 hook­lengths per packet

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10 To 6LB, 12 to 5LB, 14 To 4LB, 16 To 3LB 8OZ, 18 To 3LB 8OZ


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