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Dynamite – Silver X Groundbait


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Canal & Lake 1kg

  • A fine, light low-feed mix, designed specifically for targeting silverfish
  • Sweet-smelling, mix light to form a lingering cloud of attraction or can be made into a heavier mix to carry extra particles
  • Available in Original and Super Green
  • Bloodworm and joker-friendly salt-free recipe
  • A proven winner on tough stillwaters and canals

Roach 1kg

  • Purposely created for targeting roach on all types of water
  • Light, sweet fine crumb is perfect for use with all tactics
  • Packed with irresistible ‘roachy’ attractors, including hemp and coriander seed
  • Available in Original and Super Black to suit different conditions
  • User-friendly and easy to mix

Bream 1kg

  • A specially designed recipe combining a unique combination of additives, flavours and attractors
  • Three mixes available – two sweet mixes for natural venues and one fishmeal which is ideal for commercial fisheries
  • Original and Red mixes are made using sweet biscuit crumb, and the Fishmeal Bream is a high feed mix to attract and hold large shoals of bream

River 1kg

  • A heavy sticky ground-bait, designed to sink quickly in flowing water
  • Perfect fished either pure or laced with loosefeed items
  • Ideal additive to other groundbait mixes to help ‘stiffen’ them
  • Excellent for targeting barbel, chub, roach and bream

Feeder 1kg

  • A ground-bait mix specially designed for feeder fishing
  • Available in two versions – Explosive (highly active mix) and Specimen (heavy mix, containing larger particles)
  • Packed full of ground particles, including hemp and crushed pellet
  • Dark colour makes it perfect for all conditions
  • Excellent when targeting chub, barbel, bream, roach, tench and even carp

Carp Original 1kg and Carp Method Mix 2kg

  • A high fishmeal, carp-specific mix
  • Contains unique feed stimulants, attractors and flavourings
  • The high food content helps hold large fish for longer
  • Easy to mix and use
  • Superb for commercial and natural venues alike

Specimen 1kg

  • Heavy, particle-rich groundbait designed for the angler who is targeting big bream, tench, carp and barbel
  • High food content to help hold the attentions of big fish that want to graze over a bed of bait
  • A specially designed recipe combining a unique combination of additives, flavours and attractors
  • Fairly coarse mix for use on lakes, canals and rivers for targeting big fish like bream, carp and tench
  • Two flavours/colours – Original and Super Red
  • 1kg bag

Skimmer 1kg

  • A light, cereal-based crumb
  • A bespoke ground-bait mix designed to target skimmers on commercials and natural venues
  • Unique combination of fenugreek and other spices give the mix a distinctive note
  • Packed with feed stimulants and palatants
  • Used by Rob Perkins to win the 2016 Divisional 1 National

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Canal & Lake Original, Explosive Feeder, Original Bream, Original Carp, Original Roach, Original Specimen, River Original, Skimmer Mix, Super Black Roach


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