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Gardner Low-Bore Tube Threader – 3ft


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Low-Bore Tube Threaders are specially designed to fit down anti tangle tubing that has a finer bore.

The threaders can be threaded through any tube with a higher internal diameter even easier, for instance Covert Tungsten Rig Tubing that has an I/D of 0.8mm.

They’re constructed from a precision twisted, fine diameter stainless steel wire. The twists make the threader stronger and more robust, and also ensures that it is easier to grip/push through anti tangle tubing.

Simple to use:

  • Thread the eyed end through the tubing, so the eye is protruding from the opposite end.
  • Thread the mainline through the eye and gently pull the threader back through the tubing, drawing the line through the tube.

*Tube Threaders work well with both wet or dry line/tubing.



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