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Gemini – Genie Baiting Needles


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Gemini Genie Baiting Needles are made from hardened marine grade stainless steel. Each Genie Baiting Needle incorporates a deep holed, flush stainless steel ferule, where your hook point will locate into, the other end of the Genie Baiting Needle has a rounded design (this is the end your baiting is threaded onto) that is less inclined to pierce through the sides of your bait whilst being threaded. Each Genie Baiting Needle comes with a PVC protective tube that can be taped to the side of your tripod.
Again a massive favourite with anglers and a must have in your tackle box!

The Gemini Genie Baiting Needles come in 4 sizes; 7” x 1.2mm, 9” x 1.5mm, 12” x 1.5mm and 12” x 2mm.

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12" x 1.5mm, 12" x 2mm, 7" x 1.2mm, 9" x 1.5mm


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