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Shimano TX1 Banana & Pineapple range


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As always, Shimano have made another bait that has been designed for quick bites.

These Banana and Pineapple Boilies from Shimano are packed with nutritional ingredients and flavour enhancers that are extremely attractive to carp.

Nutritional ingredients
Flavour enhances to attract fish
Size: 15/20mm
Flavour: Banana and Pineapple
Weight: 5kg
Colour: Brown

Shimano Shimano TX1 Banana & Pineapple Pop Up, Glug & Syrup
The TX1 bait range has been designed with one thing in mind, QUICK BITES! The classic flavours are packed with nutritional ingredients and flavour enhancers which even the most cautious of fish find irresistible. The high quality ingredients produce a high leakage rate of flavour, ensuring any curious fish in the area are attracted. The mix has been refined by Shimano’s bait developers over the last 3 decades, so you can have confidence in it’s quality. The only thing you need to worry about is which swim to fish!
Food syrup 500ml Pop ups (12mm or 15mm), 100g Hookbait Glug 200ml and Food Syrup 500ml

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Shimano TX1 Flavor

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