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Shimano – Isolate LM94 Hookbait Glug 250ml


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Shimano Isolate LM-94 Boilies are a complex fishmeal blend, based on a boilie which contains LT94 Fishmeal, Hydrolysed Krill, Digested Live, Live powder, N-Butyric Acid, Vegetable protein and a powerful blend of seeds and minerals.

  • LT-94 Fishmeal: Low temperature fishmeal is recognised for its premium quality as it retains more the nutritional values during processing. Exceptionally high protein content in excess of 70% which is readily digested, helps with long term bait applications.
  • Hydrolised Krill: A Known carp attractor which is high in crude protein, OMEGA-3 Fatty acids and vitamins.
  • Digested Liver: An Extract of liver which is high in vitamin B12, Peptides, enzymes and amino acids. Digested live not adds to the nutritional profile of Isolate LM boilies, it also adds to the flavour profile.
  • N-Butyric Acid: A Known Carp attractor, N-Butyric is a natural organic product and in concentrated raw form, has a very pungent smell. When added to LT boilies, it increases the amount of short chain fatty acids in the bait.


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