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Shimano – Isolate RN20 Pop-up 15mm


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Shimano Isolate RN-20 Shelf Life Boilies are a nut-based boilie which contains Tigernut Flour, Crushed Toasted Soya Beans, Betaine HCL, Kelp, Spirulina and a wide range of additionally proven fish-catching ingredients.

  • Spirulina: a nutrient-dense food packed full of vitamins, as well as a whole host of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium. known for lowering stress levels, which results in a more relaxed state when feeding, resulting in better hook-ups and improved recovery time.
  • Toasted Peanut: high in protein, toasted peanut meal adds to the nutritional profile of the bait and also adds smell and taste attraction by releasing a nutty aroma proven to be attractive to carp.
  • Tigernut Flour: a high energy additive comprising starch, fats, proteins, sugars and fibre. widely recognised as a top carp bait and the addition of tigernut flour adds to the attraction of the bait and improves texture.
  • Oyster Shell: fine ground oyster shell adds texture and a slight ‘crunch’ to isolate boilies which carp seem to prefer as it mimics many of the objects carp pick up off the bottom when feeding.
  • Betaine HCL: an amino acid which is proven to stimulate fish into feeding. a natural product, Betaine HCL readily leaks into the water around the bait increasing attraction and feeding stimulation.


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