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Shimano – Cardiff Folletta 50SS 50mm 3.3g


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The Cardiff Foletta 50SS is a slow sinking minnow, designed for small to medium sized predators. The swimming action is based on the movement of small fish: nervous kicking action with a small roll, making it irresistible for all predators. The perfect action is created by making short pitch jerks during the retrieve, resulting in the lure darting with extra flashing, giving the last trigger for predators to hammer the bait. Due to the slow sinking rate, the lure stays perfectly in sight of the predators when making a small pause in the retrieve, making it even more attractive. The 50mm size is perfect for trout fishing in both rivers as well as in commercial ponds. • Slow sinking minnow with fi xed centre of gravity • Wide kicking action when twitched • Tight rolling action on constant retrieve • Highly realistic patterns and colours • Slow Sinking – diving depth 1.0m

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Lime Black, Pearl Ayu, River Ayu


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