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Fjuka 2 in 1 Hook Bait Pellets


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Use it as feed, use it on the hook – All three colours are irresistible to all freshwater species – from silverfish to specimen carp

• Hooks, feeds and catches everything
Fjuka 2in1 bait is soft enough to hook and durable enough to stay hooked during the cast. Yet unlike other artificial hook-baits, it’s also economical enough to use as a powerful instant-action loose feed.

• Introducing Sensate™ Attractors
While the exact components are a closely guarded secret, Sensate™ incorporates eight individual attractants, stimulants, and taste enhancers (to attract, then stimulate, and lastly sustain, feeding); PLUS a separate ‘blocker’ that neutralises fish-repellents such as sweat, fuel and sunscreen.

• The most versatile bait on the market

On the hook, Fjuka combines, moulds and imitates; as loose feed, Fjuka attracts, stimulates and holds fish in the swim.

• Better bait from high quality ingredients

Made from quality ingredients approved for the human food chain – no plastics, gums, waxes or resins.


  • Hooks and stays hooked without drills, spikes or bands
  • Multiple colour options with flavours boosted with Sensate™
  • Unique texture
  • Mould to any shape on the hook or combine flavours and colours for a cocktail
  • Shape to imitate corn, maggots, worms, bread etc.
  • Catches ALL freshwater species
  • Economical enough to loose feed

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Black, Natural, Red, White, Yellow


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