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GoSystem – Sirocco Remote Feed Stove


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To join the Apollo stove for 2010, another remote style stove has been added to the range in the Sirocco. The Sirocco is a lower profile stove and is more of your more traditional remote style.

The stove, like the Apollo, has three legs that offer a stable platform for the stove to be placed. The pan supports are of the single arm type, which are fine for kettles but large pans with fixed handles need to be balanced by the user as the handle can tip them over. Using a pan with a removable handle is no problem at all as the area of contact is large enough to support this type easily.

The hose that connects the main body to the canister adaptor is of the standard braided type, but looks to be very robust and offers protection against damage to the internal hose when in transit or use.

The Piezo ignition system is placed in the traditional body mounted position, and every time the ignition switch was pushed with the gas supply on, the stove lit instantly. I have sat and clicked the piezo rapidly and every single time without fail, a spark has been generated.

The Sirocco has a claimed boiling time of 3 minutes 45 seconds to boil a litre of water. Again, like the Apollo, the Sirocco boiled the water in a lower time of just over 3 minutes.

The Sirocco is a no-nonsense, no-thrills remote style stove that does the job required perfectly every time as well as some other stoves costing twice the price from other manufacturers.


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